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27 January 2010 @ 01:30 am
Sorry :(  
From now on, the posts are:


I initially didn't want to do this ever, but I recently lost my flash drives along with most of my graphics (and collection of 34656343576785 textures, brushes, etc.) which means I no longer have back-ups for the images I've uploaded. Which also means that I'm paranoid XD it would be REALLY bad if I lose the images due to hotlinking. Eventually I will save all the images and codes for back-ups. So I'll probably unlock the posts again.

The most recent post will stay public until I post the next batch.

Dear watchers, please do JOIN the comm for future updates? :) ♥

Also, sorry for not posting anything this month. Next batch will be posted sometime in February. I think. ^^;


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